Medic Scrub Mysc 7410

Surgical Gown.
Ergonomic, Liquid repellent.
Bottom: Elastic waist, side pockets.
Top: Short sleeve, 3 pockets, V-neck.

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MYSC 7410 Medic Scrub is an FDA registered, disposable, made of lightweight multi-layer SMS fabric, non-sterile (upon request, available as sterile) medic scrub. As usual, like in all our other products being Mayamed signifies quality and ease of use given that it’s our primary objective. So, the product is latex and silicon free, available as short or long sleeve, in blue, white, or yellow colors and it offers comfort and full protection. MYSC 7410 Medical Scrub also fulfils the requirements for Cat. I PPE under Personal Protective Equipment Regulation (EU) 2016/425. Wearer should make sure that the product is suitable for the application and fitted correctly

It should be noted that this product is intended to protect from the transfer of microorganisms and bodily fluids in low or minimal risk patient isolation situations and not intended for high-risk surgical procedures or situations of high risk of contamination. The product should be stored in dry, clean conditions in original packaging, away from direct sunlight, sources of high temperature and solvent vapors.

This product carries globally acknowledged standards: EN 14126:2003, EN 13034:2005+A1:2009, EN ISO 13688:2013, EN 1149-5:2018

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  • Made of SMS fabric
  • FDA registered
  • EN14126
  • 40 gsm
  • Disposable
  • Non-sterile (upon request, also available as sterile)
  • Upon request a logo can be attached to the chest area
  • Short or long sleeves versions are available
  • Available in different sizes: small, medium, large, x-large


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